5 Best Laptops for Video Editing under $500

In most cases, video editing becomes the toughest part especially if you have minimal featured laptops and PCs. Advanced graphics cards can indeed crunch and churn out any highly optimized thing at them. Certainly, this also does not mean that you cannot prepare a video on a cheap laptop or a PC. With this, there are a few factors that one should consider before buying a laptop at the most possible price. 

Things to consider before buying a laptop

  • Weight and Size matters a lot when it comes to buying a laptop. Light-weighted laptops are often the best to carry anywhere and merely just feasible too. Thinnest, but also widescreen helps in performing more and goes ahead with multi-tasking if needed. Notebooks and touch screen laptops have always been listed in the easy-going category of affordable laptop for video editing
  • Comfortable screen is another factor that we should not ignore when buying a laptop. Glossy screens are not preferred much and are undesirable at the same time. Reflections while gaming, or watching movies might be annoying and hence check for the screen.
  • Keyboard quality, if you got to do a long typing working then you need to opt for a stable and steady laptop that gives a comfortable keyboard and does not have squished keypads that might annoy you after some time of typing sessions. 
  • RAM and CPU, are other most factors to consider when purchasing a laptop for video editing. No one can think of going past the Intel processors, can we? Entry-level processors cannot indeed back up high-end graphics, but if you go a bit advanced it can help you to run high featured games too. 

Best laptops for video editing

For better assistance, here we have listed down a few trending and soul touched laptops that have always been the favorite pick of all the machine lovers around. Now, these expert-recommended best cheap laptop for video editing is nowhere to impress you, take a look- 

1. 2018 Dell Inspiron 15 5000

Dell is first on the list, however, it may be over the marked budget of $500, but it has its reasons why is it so! Intel Core i5 processor is the highlight of this particular best video editing laptop under $500. This specific i5 processor also beats up some other advanced processors from Intel Core and both these Inspiron series have AMD chips for better performance. For peaceful video edits, Intel 620 graphics could be the best with 2018 Dell Inspiron 15 5000. 


  • It comes with the i5 processor that will never disappoint you on your work and tasks.
  • AMD chips for better performance and high RAM and CPU that gives a great value for money.
  • Integrated 620 graphics help you to go on with various and advanced video editing features. 
  • Not modern though, but provides advanced features that you have been always craving for.
  • The 8GB RAM and 1TB ROM are much more than ever that provides ultimate storage and perfect performance with zero lags. 


  • It does not look trendy or modern.

2. 2019 Dell Latitude E7450 14”

Do you want to buy the best budget laptop for video editing? Dell Latitude is a god-sent laptop for all your tough and challenging tasks. With great power and price, Dell Latitude E7450 with a 14-inch screen could be the most assured laptop for superior performance. Though, it has a very few specifications it would indeed suit all your computer requirements. It has a mid-range CPU, however, you can expect a high performance throughout your tasks. From light to heavy, you can manage all the tasks including multi-tasking targets. 


  • It has got different variants with various colors and a few similar specifications indulged.
  • Budget valued laptop with maximum specifications and features that you have been always looking for.
  • Battery life is just great and lasts longer if used with ultimate care. 
  • The SSD options of Dell latitude makes the product more valuable for video and photo editing sessions as per your necessities.
  • Performance is so better, that you don’t have to worry about time consumption during multi-tasking. 


• Mediocre CPU might not impress a few laptop buyers around. 

3. ASUS X555QA 15.6” laptop

SSD can be lacking in a few laptops and sometimes that would even become an advantage for many such laptop buyers. If you still feel that lack of SSD isn’t enough then you can try ASUS X555QA 15.6” and maybe it could make you happy. HDD of 1TB hybrid feature can provide the best of both the hybrid worlds that are much more affordable too. The quad-core chip of AMD A12 can look up to speed hitting more than 3.4GHz of speed when you have increased the usage of your CPU.  


  • The 1TB Hybrid HDD is the biggest advantage of choosing Asus X555QA.
  • Affordable and best cheap laptop for editing YouTube videos without any much struggle.
  • The AMD 12 with AMD Radeon R7 graphics is the primary processor and yet the highlight of this particular brand in the market.
  • For optimum multi-tasking, the 8GB of RAM DDR4 provides great peace of mind and quick finishing of tasks too. 


• Won’t be a magical experience, but it can help your work better than expectations.

4. Lenovo Ideapad 320 15.6” laptop

Pretty simple looking laptop extremely suitable for varied tasks at the best price as per the budget. It is quite amazing that Lenovo Ideapad 320 looks classic and simple with a great level of variants and maximum choice of Lenovo varieties to choose from. If you are enthusiastic about editing videos and photos and wish to spend not too much on laptops. The AMD A9 chip fits in the Ideapad laptop and can reach up to 3.5GHz in different scenarios with many popular water cooled gpu and AMD Radeon R5 graphics integrated into it. 


  • Looks deliberately stylish and bold with various colors that indeed look classic.
  • Video editing is completely perfect with the high valued graphics for all your tasks and other multi-tasking.
  • AMD A9 provides more than 3.5GHz when you need some heavy part of the CPU and during extreme scenarios along with trending GPUs.
  • For a beginning, Lenovo Ideapad would be just great and won’t perform any lower than the expectations and it’s worth a start. 


  • It might be not suitable for expert video editors and professionals.

5. HP Notebook 15.6 inch

A machine for the entire generation is for all such tasks as in video editing, photo editing, using music software and different other software and applications on the laptop. HP Notebook has always been ranked as the best inexpensive laptop for video editing and other different kinds of stuff that is completely perfect over any requirement. The AMD A6 Dual-core from the AMD processor comes with 4GB RAM with highly spacious ROM. With DDR4 type of memory is enough with all the editing and beautifying tasks ever needed. they have a graphics card with 2 hdmi ports inbuilt


  • It comes with the LED-lit screen technology that is quite advanced and preferred among the buyers. 
  • Strategically fitted speakers that sound pretty great and amplified in the entire room.
  • The laptop also supports Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 along with HDMI port and other laptop accessories that come along.
  • You also need not worry about the storage capacity as it helps you with 128 GB of extra SSD storage to help with your files and documents.


* Processor can be sometimes irresponsive and also does not have a VGA port for the second monitor connection.

6. Fenniu Ultra-Thin 14” laptop

If you are just starting up with the video production and video editing, it is recommended that you opt for a beginner’s laptop that is much suitable with all the video software and applications, in which comes the brand Fenniu, at the most inexpensive budget with the best specifications indeed. The 14-inch screen size with 1920*1080 pixels of resolutions it provides sharp and crispy images from various angles. To provide high-quality videos and pictures HD with Intel Graphics of 500 that makes it efficient.


  • For providing maximum clarity the laptop has got IPS display. 
  • It also comes with 1 Year warranty for all the quality and software issues. 
  • The Celeron N3450 Intel Apollo processor that also helps in delivering the best performance.
  • Lightweight design and the thin feature of the laptop helps in carrying the laptop very feasible. 
  • Boasting of 4GB RAM and 64GB of eMMc ROM can handle a variety of tasks and stuff that also provides high-end performance with heavy games and applications. 


  • Speakers lack voice quality.

7. Lenovo Yoga Book laptop

The 360-degree hinge design of the laptop that will help to use the laptop in different modes as in laptop, tablet and even as a tent for major convenience. The long-lasting battery of this particular laptop from the Yoga series of Lenovo lasts up to or more than 15 hours when you have charged it fully to 100%. It is completely portable and does not weigh too much just 1.50 LBS if measured. The IPS screen for perfect resolution experience is what puts light on Yoga from Lenovo for excellent clarity.


  • Battery life up to 15 hours is the next level as compared to other laptops in the market. 
  • One of the lightest weighed laptop from this particular electronics brand and is quite much portable to anywhere and everywhere.
  • The Intel Graphics 400 provides an improved resolution and viewing experience.
  • Dolby sound processing system technology for enhanced sound and audio quality with dual speakers.
  • The high-quality camera with 8MP rear and 2MP webcam.


  • It works on Android 6, which is not much advanced when compared with Windows.

8. Asus Chromebook Flip

The completely HD laptop with highly advanced touchscreen features in the 12.5-inch display works as both a laptop and a tablet. You can smoothly twist and turn the laptop as per your flexibility and can transition the screen quite easily too. It is the best laptop for video editing on a budget that is fairly seamless that comes under the $500.


  • It is a small laptop that packs perfect efficiency with complete energy with Intel Core M3 Processor. 
  • Asus Chromebook Flip features 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM of SSD. 
  • Featuring Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi that gives stable and high paced internet even for multi-tasking.
  • It also supports an external memory card of more than 250 GB memory.


  • The battery may not be much efficient.

9. Acer Aspire 5

This is one of the most effective budgets and the best laptop for photography under $500 for all your video and photo editing. Yes, it does support all sorts of software and applications for your tasks and also supports various types of multi-tasking and other simultaneous tasks at the same time. The budget machine is known for its durability and highly specified specifications that have won many hearts already. 


  • Acer, the brand is the most popular one and is still preferred by many technologies and industry experts as well.
  • The 8th generation Intel Core i5 with Quad processor with 3.9GHz for better and optimum performance while you are performing the tasks.
  • It runs on the 8GB RAM and 512GB ROM with SSD that makes the CPU performance even better and best as compared to other laptops available in the market already.
  • The LED-backlit is another advantage from Acer aspire as it provides a perfect resolution.


  • It might be expensive for some.

10. HP 15z 15 inches high performing laptop

Well, the model name from the brand itself states how effective and profitable the laptop would be. Armed with AMD Vega 8 Graphics from Radeon, this 15-inch screen is one of the highly valued laptops from the brand HP. You can indeed work on video editing and photo editing tasks quite easily without any struggles. 


• Runs even with heavy graphics and video editing software that are available already.

• It comes with a scratch-resistant screen and body.

• Easily portable and can be carried anywhere.

Cons:• The price point might cross the budget sometimes, but it is worth it.